L508 Radar Tail Light

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How to switch the mode?

Click the button to switch the mode:

Solid - Flash - Pulse - Peloton - Circle - Radar only

The O-shaped rubberring is damaged

The product is equipped with an O-shaped rubberring, please keep it properly on standby. The O-ring is a consumable product, therefore, please buy it yourself if it is lost or damaged.

The specifications are shown in the figure below:


Indoor power-onand alarm of radar detection

The device can detect vehicles in an outdoor environment. lf it is started indoors, a saturation alarm may occur, therefore, please use it outdoors.

Radar Detection

1. Radar can detect approaching vehicles within a distance of about 140 meters.
2. The relative speed of approaching vehicles that can be detected by radar must be within

10km/h - 120km/h (6 -75mph).


Radar will not detect vehicles traveling at the same speed as you or away from you.

3. The radar beam width is 40(-20°+20).

4. Radar can detect eight approaching vehicles at most.

This device can enhance the inspection of the environment but is not a substitute for the rider's attention and judgment. Please always pay attention to the road conditions and take a safe ride. Failure to follow relevant instructions may result in death or severe injury.

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