EXAR Tube 700C TPU Inner Tube

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Can EXAR TPU inner tube that have been used with a 28mm cover tire be placed in a 23mm wide cover tire for use?

The inner tube is plastically deformed, which means that the inner tube will expand but not fully return to its original shape if it is inflated. Installing the expanded inner tube into a narrower cover tire is not recommended. For example, we do not recommend putting an inner tube that has been used in a 28mm wide tire into a 23mm wide tire for further use.

What should users pay attention to when storing EXAR TPU inner tube?

If the tires are to be stored in an environment where the temperature exceeds 70°C (such as in a car exposed to the sun or in a winter garden), we recommend deflating the inner tube to 3.5bar/50psi to prevent damage.

Can the valve core of the EXAR TPU inner tube be disassembled?

Please select the inner tube whose valve is of the appropriate length. The valve core of this product cannot be disassembled. If a valve extension is needed, please use an external valve extension for which it is not required to disassemble the valve core.

Installation Instructions and Inspections before Use

1. Before installing an inner tube, such locations as the inner wall of the cover tire, the rim, and the tire cushion should be checked, so as to ensure that there is no raised sharp item that may cause the inner tube to rupture.

2. Even for tubeless wheels, tire cushions with the correct size are recommended and should be properly installed.

3. Before installing an inner tube to the rim, the inner tube should be slightly inflated to a round shape with a bicycle pump, and the pressure should be lower than 0.5bar/8psi.

4. For the cover tire installation, the cover tire bead on one side should be first installed into the rim groove; then, the inner tube valve should be inserted into the rim valve hole, and the inner tube should be inserted into the cover tire and put into the tire groove. The inner tube between the cover tire and the rim must be smooth without folding or twisting. The tire bead on the other side of the cover tire should be pried into the groove at last.

5. The installed tire should be checked again to make sure that the inner tube is not squeezed by the cover tire or the rim.

6. After installation, the inner tube should be slowly inflated with a presta valve inflator, ensuring that the tire pressure is kept within the range required by the tire and the rim.

7. Note: Do not install with metal or sharp tire spoons, because such tools may damage the inner tube, cover tire, or the rim.

What pumping equipment can be used for EXAR TPU inner tube?

A hand pump, rather than an air compressor or other high-speed inflation device, is recommended for inflating.

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