C206 Series Smart Bike Computer

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Battery-related warning

Failure to notice the potential dangers listed below may lead to severe harm or even fatal accidents. 

The battery used in the product is a lithium-ion battery. Failure to follow the instructions listed below may shorten the battery's shelf life, damage the device, or cause fire, chemical burns;

battery leakage,or the risk of injury.

·Do not disassemble, modify, puncture, press,or damage the battery to avoid dangers.

·Do not expose the device or the battery to fire, explosion,or other hazards.

·Do not place or store the device near a dryer, in a car under direct sunlight, or in other high-temperature environments.

·Do not immerse the battery in water or other liquids.

·Do not overcharge the battery frequently.

·Do not charge the battery under fire or extremely high temperature.

·Charge the battery in strict accordance with the charging requirements to avoid dangers caused by overcurrent. If you want to store your device for a long period, store it fully charged to extend battery life.

How to synchronize and analyze data?

After finishing your ride, open the OnelapFit App on your phone.

When the bike computer is connected, it will automatically synchronize data with the app.


You can also manually send ride records to the phone.

Please find the “Data Re-upload” on the Setting page, and then you can select the range to re-upload the data manually.


In the App,“Me”,“Activities”. You can view all ride records on the device.

synchronize and analyze data.png

How to connect sensors?

The C206 Pro Bike Computer supports a wide range of peripheral sensors such as speed sensors, cadence sensors, heart rate sensors, etc. You can bind your peripherals in the following ways.

The C206 does not support connecting to any sensors.

On the Onelap fit App:

Step 1: Search for the device.

Step 2: Select your device in the search list.

Step 3: When the connection succeeds, the connected sensor is displayed in the "Connected Devices" on the upper part of the screen.

connect sensors.png

How to activate C206/C206 Pro?

Step 1. Use the APP to search for your bike computer.

Step 2. Enter a valid email to receive a verification code.

Step 3.Enter the verification code.The activation is completed successfully.

activate C206 Series.png

How to install C206/C206 Pro?

Step1- Put the mount on the handlebar.

Step2- Fix the mount with the rubber string.

Step3- Install the computer according to the direction indicated by the arrow, rotate the bike computer.

Step4- Completed.


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