S314 Speed / Cadence Dual-Mode Sensor

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What is the S314 data detection range?

Cadence: 30-180rpm

Speed: 5-85 km/h

Why does the S314 run out of battery after a short period of use?

After installing the battery, the S314 can be used for 500 hours normally, but there may be differences due to temperature and environmental factors. When the S314 is not connected for use, please don’t install it as it will cause frequent sensor wake-up and accelerate battery consumption.

Is there any delay in S314 data transmission?

The S314 uses the geomagnetic sensor to measure data. There is a certain delay in calculating the data, with a delay time of less than 3 seconds.

Why S314 cannot be searched without using it for some time?

To reduce power consumption and extend usage time, if the S314 cannot detect data for 60 seconds, it will enter a sleep state and automatically wake up and transmit data when starting cycling.

Why does the indicator light not light up after reinstalling the battery?

1. It’s capacitor storage effect. Please wait for 10 seconds and then reinstall the battery.

2. When installing the battery, the battery connector inside the battery compartment was pressed down, resulting in poor contact. Please lift the battery connector.

3. The battery is dead. Please replace it with a new battery. (Battery model: CR2032-3V)

Why the new S314+ cannot be found by the Apps or devices?

1. Please check if the battery has been installed.

2. Please check whether the bike computer, smartwatch, and APP used are compatible with S314.

3. Please reinstall the battery and confirm if the sensor is in broadcast mode, with red or green lights flashing.

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