Carbon Fiber Wheelset Pro 2022

  • FAQ

How to determine if a bike can use EXAR Carbon Fiber Wheelset?

1. Firstly, determine if the frame can be installed.

It is necessary to confirm whether the bike is a road bike, and then confirm whether the bike is disc brake or rim brake.

2. Determine whether the freehub body can be installed based on the bike's kit and model.

3. Determine the usage scenario.

For use on paved roads only, not off-road.

What Cassettes are compatible with the EXAR Carbon Fiber Wheelset?

Shimano full series, SRAM full series, and Campagnolo 13 speed and below speed series are compatible, and the corresponding freehub body needs to be purchased separately.

What are the recommended cover and inner tires?

Only Presta Valve inner tubes can be used.

The recommended width for the cover tire is 25c~30c.

What brand is the hub of the EXAR Carbon Fiber Wheelset ?

The EXAR Carbon Fiber Wheelset hub brand is EXAR.

Is it normal for the carbon fiber cloth on the surface of the rim to wrinkle?

The rim is made of carbon fiber material, and workers manually lay the layer, which inevitably leads to carbon fiber cloth wrinkles. As long as the outermost layer feels flat, it is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use of the wheelset.

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