T200 Smart Trainer

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Power accuracy

The power accuracy of smart trainers and third-party power meters may be affected by various factors.

The power reading of the smart trainer is calibrated during deceleration. Please note that no two power meters give identical readings. Multiple identical simultaneous broadcast power meters have been empirically proven to report different power data, even during the same exercise process.

The factors that contribute to this difference include:

● Freedom of motion

● Data transmission rate

● Packet loss

● Wireless interference

● Sensor or strain gauge position

● Temperature

● Humidity

● Differences during calibration

● Accuracy tolerance

● Leg imbalance

In addition, the power accuracy tolerance of the smart trainer is combined with the tolerance of the power meter. This means that if the power accuracy of the smart trainer is ± 2%, and the accuracy of your power meter report is ± 1%, then at any given time, the total combined accuracy tolerance will be ± 3%.

Speed/power decrease or instability

If you encounter speed or power data drops, this is usually caused by the following reasons: random or seconds-later drops usually indicate signal interference and predictable drops above a certain speed usually involve sensor failure. If you connect the T200 through Bluetooth but cannot see speed or power, it may be connected to another application or device.

What do LED lights mean?

The T200 has two indicator lights.

1. System status LED light

Power on status: Red light and blue light alternately flash twice

Standby mode: Blue light flashing

Cycling status: Blue light always on

2. Wireless connection indicator light

Not connected: blue light flashing

Connected: Blue light always on

What is the weight limit for T200?

The weight limit of the Magene smart trainer is 100kg.

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