H64 Heart Rate Sensor

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Can Magene H64 be used for swimming training?

Can't. The water-proof rating of the heart rate sensor is IP67, which can meet the daily water-proof requirements, but cannot be used underwater.

How to clean Magene H64?

Please wash the chest band by hand with clean water and put it flat to dry after each use. After 7 times of use, please wipe the chest band with diluted soapy water and rinse with clean water. Do not place the chest band in the washer or dryer. Do not use chemical cleaners for cleaning since chemical cleaners may cause rapid aging of the chest band and shorten its service life.

Does Magene H64 have directional restrictions?

There are directional restrictions, please keep the Magene logo up to ensure the normal function of the product.

Why Magene H64 cannot be found by the software/equipment?

1) Please apply clear water to the sensitive area of the heart rate sensor, then contact with the skin;

2) Please check whether the battery separator is removed;

3) Please change the battery;

4) Please check whether the software supports Magene heart rate sensor; 

5) Since the Bluetooth protocol only allows one software or equipment to be connected at one time, please try to reconnect after making sure that Magene heart rate sensor is not connected to other equipment;

6) Bad contact can be caused by pushing down the metal shrapnel when installing the battery. Please lift up the edge of the metal shrapnel.

Which APP and bike computers are compatible with Magene H64?

Compatible with ANT+-protocol APP and bike computer: Garmin sports wristwatch, Garmin bike computer, iGPSPORT, Zwift, Onelap, Bkool, Tacx, etc. Compatible with Bluetooth-protocol APP and bike computer: Suunto Bluetooth sports wristwatch, NIKE+、STRAVA、Runkeeper、Runtastic Pro、Endomondo、Moofit、Sports tracker、Wahoo Fitness, etc.

What communication protocol does Magene H64 use?

ANT+ and Bluetooth BLE V4.2 communication protocols are used.

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