T300 Smart Trainer

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Can Magene bike trainer connect to the ONELAP and the bike computer at the same time?

Magene bike trainer can only connect to one software/equipment to control the resistance at one time. Therefore, when you search the bike trainer in the ONELAP and connect to it , the bike computer can only be connected to the power meter to receive the power data, but cannot be connected to the bike trainer to control the resistance.

Can Magene bike trainer connect to the bike computer and cycling training APP?

1) Magene bike trainer can connect to the bike computer. However, Magene bike trainer will lose its ability to automatically adjust the resistance according to the route or training plan if it is connected to the bike computer.

2) Magene bike trainer can connect to the ONELAP software or other Bluetooth-protocol cycling training APP.

What training software is compatible with Magene bike trainer?

Magene bike trainer supports ONELAP, PERFPRO, WKO+, TRAINERROAD, GOLDEN CHEETAH,Zwift and other training software with Bluetooth or ANT+ protocols.

Can Magene bike trainer connect Bluetooth and ANT+ signals at the same time?

Although Magene bike trainer can be connected via Bluetooth and ANT+ at the same time, there can only be one connection to control the resistance, that it to say, when the Bluetooth is used to control the the resistance of Magene bike trainer (for example, searching the Magene bike trainer in ONELAP software), the ANT+ can only be used to connect to the power meter (for example, the bike computer can only receive the power data signals, but cannot control the resistance), and vice versa, if ANT+ is used for Magene bike trainer, Bluetooth can only be used for the power meter.

How to deal with abnormal power?

  • First,check whether thescrew nut of the tower base on the cassette side is loose. The quick release should be removed before the check. Tighten it clockwise with 5mm Allen screw driver;
  • Perform spindown and zero-pointcalibration with the calibration software.

Why the resistance is too heavy during the training?

The training mode of the bike trainer is following the target power, which is calculated by the percentage of FTP. As the target power equals cadence multiples resistance, the decrease of cadence will cause the increase of resistance to maintain a constant power output, and vice versa.

During the training courses, the resistance of the bike trainer will keep increasing if the user continues to decrease the cadence when it is close to or exceeds the FTP value, finally resulting a heavy resistance.

We recommend you increase the cadence in advance or choose an easier training course to lower the resistance.

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