P32 Power Meter

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How to install the power meter?

The most proper way to install the power meter is using the torque wrench. Too much torque may cause screw thread or inaccurate strain meter data. Please refer to the crank manufacturer's instructions for installation.

Why no data displayed when the power meter is connected to the bike computer?

  • Please check whether the power meter isactivated.Please download the latest version of Magene Utility to active.
  • The cadence of power meter is calculated by thestrain meter,thus user must ride on the bike to generate enough torque to ensure the cadence can be detected by the power meter, while shaking with the hand is not enough.

Will the power accuracy be affected by the different pedals?

The power meter using crank as the detection position is affected by the length of the pedal shaft and the installation position of the cleat. However, this problem has fully considered by our professional and careful engineers when doing the power algorithm. Thus, the power data can be detected correctly with the common clipless pedal of road bike and the normal installation position of the cleat.

What is the water-proof level of power meter?

The water-proof level of power meter is IP67. Each power meter has passed the strict waterproofing test before delivery. Riding on rainy days will not harm the power meter. However, do not flush the sensor module when washing the bike with a high-pressure water gun. Do not use the power meter for a long time underwater completely.

When is zero-point calibration required?

Zero-pointcalibration should be performed for any of the following conditions:

  • -Great change in working temperature
  • -After pedals or cranks re-installed
  • -After a long period of not using
  • -Abnormal power data
  • -The crank with power meter on is seriously impacted

Attention: Please ensure that the crank is in a static state without force and remains perpendicular to the ground during the zero-point calibration.

Why there is delay of the power meter, and how long is the delay time?

When the power meter is used in conjunction with the bike computer, the delay is mainly determined by the data display logic of the bike computer. The delay time is about 1 second.

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