S3 Lite Speed/Cadence Sensor

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Why there is no cadence data displayed by Magene S3 Lite with cadence mode?

1) Please check whether the operating mode is cadence;

2) Please check whether the connection between the software and Magene S3 Lite is normal;

3) Please check whether there are induction magnets left around.

Why there is no speed data displayed by Magene S3 Lite with speed mode?

This is because the bike computer is set the preferred speed data obtained from the GPS, so the speed will not be displayed as long as your position is not actually shifted even with the speed sensor attached. Please set the preferred speed data obtained from the speed sensor before using.

Why the new Magene S3 Lite cannot be found by the software/equipment?

1) Please check whether the battery separator is removed;

2) Please change the battery;

3) Please check whether the software/equipment supports Magene S3 Lite.

How to switch the operating mode of Magene S3 Lite?

Magene S3 Lite can be switched between speed and cadence modes by reinstalling the battery. Green light for speed mode and red light for cadence mode.

Which APP and bike computers are compatible with Magene S3 Lite?

Compatible with all ANT+-protocol APP and bike computer: Bryton, Garmin, iGPSPORT, Zwift, Onelap, Bkool, Tacx, etc. Compatible with Bluetooth-protocol APP and bike computer: Suunto Bluetooth sports wristwatch, Strava, etc.

How many operating modes does Magene S3 Lite have?

There are two sensor modes: cadence and speed.

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