C406 Bike Computer

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How to do data re-upload?

1. Connect bike computer with OnelapFit application;

2. Click Data Re-upload;

3. Select the range, and the selected ride data will re-upload to the OnelapFit app.


Why does my computer power off automatically?

1. The battery level of the bike computer is low.

Please try to connect the charging cable, and charging the bike computer.

2. The Auto Power-off function is opened.

If the auto power-off function is opened, the bike computer will turn off when there is no operation within the set time. You can connect the bike computer with Onelapfit, and turn off this function.


How to share a .fit file?

1. Open OnelapFit application,click Me-Activities;

2. Select the activity you want to share;

3. Click the icon in the right corner, click Share Fit.


How to connect to a sensor?

1. Connect bike computer with OnelapFit app, enter Sensors page


2. Select Sensor in the list and connect


3. When connected is displayed next to the sensor's ID, it means the connection is successful.

How to check total distance?

Open OnelapFit application, click Calender-Stats to check ride data.


How to Restore Factory Settings?

Connect bike computer with OnelapFit app, click Restore Factory Settings, the bike computer will restore all the settings and clear all data, click OK, the bike computer will restart and Operation successful will display on OnelapFit app.





When operating restore factory settings, all cycling data will be cleared, if you do not upload the data to Onelapfit, please kindly click data re-upload on Onelapfit function page.

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